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You may wonder how I became a health coach and why.  My journey began 18 years ago with a shoulder injury and I experienced Reiki for the first time. Next thing you know I am all over the Reiki and getting attuned!  I loved the feeling of serenity I experienced,  wanted to stay connected to that, and share that with others.   

From there I trained in massage and bodywork at the Institute for Therapeutic Massage and quickly realized the value of hands-on healing for recovery and overall wellness.  

In 2011, I had a serious injury - tore my Achilles tendon - and suddenly I was sidelined  for a long time.  I couldn't do anything for months  and it wreaked havoc on my weight, mental health and overall fitness.  

During my journey back to wellness, I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a unique school that stresses everyone's bio-individuality and how to optimize all aspects of a persons' being for a fully integrated and healthy life.  Who wouldn't want to share that with everyone?  

At this point, I realized that my personal health journey presented me opportunities to explore holistic practices along the way that worked for me and could be useful to others. 

As a health coach, I bring all of these tools to our sessions to support and nurture you as we explore and develop a personalized wellness plan, unique to you.  

Why get a coach?

My top three goals ...to lose 30 lbs., eliminate my

pre-diabetic sugar readings, and develop a life-long appreciation for whole and clean eating.


The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been...35 lbs. in 4 months! Even more significantly is my energy levels have increased and my waistline is now 6 inches smaller!

The most significant overall change ...has been my enjoyment of shopping for food and cooking. I have developed a discerning eye for labels and organic foods.  I pamper myself more ...at home and at salons.

Michelle Martin is a competent, knowledgeable and friendly coach.    She has an upbeat approach that wants the client to succeed.


When faced with an unusual or challenging questions, she does research so that we both know the answers. 

I would recommend Coach Michelle to everyone who wants to lose weight, feel good, and get centered emotionally and spiritually.


                                                          Kathleen C.


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