Green Juice


Get ready, it's time...

How would you like a 21-day challenge in which you:

A) Exercise Less


B) Eat More

I thought so!  Join this group coaching session in which  we create an individual  blueprint for healthy living which includes:

  • defining  your intrinsic motivation 

  • learning to prepare and enjoy whole foods that taste good

  • learning to move -towards flexibility, strength,  endurance 

to support your lifetime of healthy living.

This group meets once a week LIVE and you will always find support in our PRIVATE Facebook group.  You get  plenty of content to support what you learn, recipes, meal plans and shopping lists,  and plenty of support along the way. 

You will also get a one-on-one coaching session with me, to help you with your goal-setting to start off right.

By the end of the three weeks, you will have a solid blueprint for moving into a healthy lifestyle that enriches you.

You can do it! 

The next online group starts

Monday, January 10.