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7 Good Reasons to Get a Coach Right Now

You are probably thinking, yea, yea, yea I know what to do to get and stay healthy.

All I have to do is eat less, exercise more and that should do it. Calories in and calories out. The less I eat, the less I will weigh. I just need to tighten and tone with exercise. All done.

Well, how is that looking right now? Summer is upon us and if you are still carrying around that extra ten or twenty pounds you put on over the winter(s), it may be time to do something else. Or maybe you got a wakeup call the last time you visited your doctor. Whatever the reason it may be time to check out what a health coach could do for you now.

Here are seven good reasons to get a coach:

1. A coach interviews you and assesses where you are right now, based on the information you share confidentially.

2. A coach helps you figure out what your wellness goals are and helps you achieve them.

3. A coach keeps you on target to hit those goals with regular check ins.

4. A coach motivates you to make the changes you desire to optimize your health.

5. A coach supports you when you hit plateaus (which you will) and helps you keep going.

6. A coach provides you with dietary and wellness information that corresponds to your needs.

7. A coach supplies you with resources such as meal planning, recipes and tips to help make your lifestyle change easier.

There is so much more a coach does, because a coach takes the time to find out all about you. What is going on in your life, commitments and stresses that get you sidetracked, and helps you implement tools that will work for you. It is not one size fits all.

You are like no other person, and that is why all the other things you have tried haven’t worked long-term. Sure, you may have lost some weight with Weight Watchers, Isagenix or a Burn bootcamp. But did you keep it off?

Until you take the time to explore and test your individual makeup with a coach, you will have a hard time sustaining real change.

And that change will impact you for many years, keeping you fit and healthy as you age. And that is very real. We are all going to live longer, that is a fact. But, are we going to live healthier, longer? That is up to you.

If you are not where you want to be with your health, fitness, and overall body shape, this may be the time to call in a coach.

If you are still on the fence, I will be hosting a special three-part series at the Burlington County Library in Westampton, starting June 15, which will explore the many components to aging healthfully. Hope to see you there.

If you are ready to dive in, go here.

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