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Its green, its growing, its good!

Grateful for this garden

Reflecting on this last day of June, I feel compelled to talk about the garden. We are right in the middle of the year, and everything is bursting with life. The activity in our small garden is amazing, what with the birds, butterflies, bees, and my favorite, the gray tree frog. This little guy comes to life each night about 7:30 pm and once you get used to it, you look forward to his call.

Today I made dinner using fresh peas from the garden, along with mint and parsley to make a pea pesto to top the wild salmon I wrestled with yesterday (kidding, went to Costco). I served that with zucchini noodles (zoodles?) and a white bean salad (again Costco). I really loved the pesto because it tasted so fresh and more importantly, because it was homegrown.

There is something about the connection you feel to the earth when you grow your own food. You feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from nurturing your plants, watching them grow, and harvesting them. When you incorporate them into your meals, you really savor all the effort that went into it. Not just the prep and the cooking, but the planting, watering, and feeding.

I can’t take credit for our garden though. This little wonderland is all my husband, Sean’s, handywork and I think it is a marvel to behold right now, at midpoint. It is so green and lush its almost overwhelming. Hard to tell where one plant ends and another begins, especially the grapevine. Sorry, no wine yet.

The vegetables are fairly tidy, though and Sean has been growing many of his plants from seeds. He started several years ago with organic plants, harvested the seeds and through trial and error has found what works best out there. Last season it was cold and wet, and the tomatoes suffered. This year, although very wet so far, has been hot and the basil looks fatigued. However, the cilantro, which usually doesn’t do well, looks and tastes fantastic. Go figure.

I love to sit outside surrounded by all the green, especially on a day like today. It makes me feel calm and peaceful enclosed in this oasis.

I think Sean enjoys getting out in the garden each night for contemplative decompression after arriving home from work.

And I just love to cook with fresh herbs all summer.

Do you have a garden? What are you growing? What do you like best about gardening? Share with me here and I will send you the recipe for salmon with fresh pea pesto.

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