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Live Long and Prosper

I have been working towards getting ready for the start of the Thriving Women workshop series that I beta-tested back in June at the Burlington County Library in Westampton. Now I will be providing the same series again at the library and at four other branches because it was so popular. Those branches are Mapleshade (starting Tuesday, September 10), Westampton (starting Thursday, September 12) and they will be on the same night for three weeks. I will also be at the Bordentown branch starting on Saturday, September 28 for three weeks. Finally, I will host this series at the Pinelands branch (starting Tuesday, October 8) and the Pemberton branch (Thursday, October 10). So there is no reason you can’t make it! If you miss a week at one branch, you can always pick it up at another. I have made it that easy.


Because the topics resonated so much with the women who attended, and I thought – I have to do this again! What’s so funny is that now that I am prepping I see this topic everywhere … in magazines and journals I subscribe to, in emails, in conversations with others. So I believe I am right on target with what I will be offering. And it makes me that much more excited to share information with you and more importantly, what next steps to take. Yes, you have to do stuff! To really make this stick I give you things you can do right away to start making small, incremental changes which will yield big results down the road. Are you with me?

“Change is the essential process of all existence."

I hope so because I firmly believe we have many good years ahead of us, filled with excitement, vibrancy and new adventures – if we allow it. If you feel you are just maintaining, instead of thriving, at this point in your life - don't despair. Join me each week to re-evaluate and re-define your life, to move forward positively as you embrace life changes.

The first week is all about Mindset – because if our heads aren’t in the game everything else is meaningless. When you are clear on your intrinsic values and your desired outcomes, it is easier to manifest. Let me show you how to start to cut through the noise and start to reimagine a thriving, mentally and physically healthy life.

Our second week together is about Food and Fitness because these are the cornerstones of a thriving lifestyle. And let’s face it, our bodies are changing – and our diets need to change too. We will delve into all of the current eating trends and diets at this session, and you can make up your own mind about what suits you.

Our final week is what I like to refer to as “Optimists Week” because we look at all the new technologies, and future thinking that is coalescing around this nascent science – nutrition. If you, like me, are curious to learn about exciting new technologies, renewal at the cellular level and myths that surround what we think we know about our future health and wellness, please make sure you are here.

I hope I have whet your appetite for more! And if I haven’t, here is a Keto bread recipe for you to try. Just one of the many diets we will talk about in the second session.

All of these events are listed on but feel free to DM me if you have questions. Have a healthy week!

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