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In The Lab

Wellness from Within

90 days to Vibrancy & Vitality

The latest in testing, coaching and supplements to enhance your gut health.

If you:

  • are looking to increase energy, reduce inflammation, or supercharge their lifestyle to support longevity. 

  • have health concerns like bloating, irregular digestion, poor sleep, low energy, sugar cravings, slow recovery from exercise or are at risk for chronic illness due to lifestyle or heredity. 

  • are frustrated with weight gain, mental fatigue, poor sleep patterns, and low energy levels associated with perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

  • are you ready to take the next steps towards evaluating and improving your overall health and longevity?

​Then this 90-day regimen is for you!

Use  the pro code TeemingHealth to set up your account and get savings on your order.


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