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This the last communication before 2020 and I was thinking back over how challenging and exhilarating this year has been. What is cool is that in reviewing my weekly blogs, I see all the topics I have covered, some multiple times, and not in this order:

1. Calming foods

2. CBD oil

3. Depression

4. Fitness & exercise

5. Gardening

6. Genetics

7. Glycemic Index & load

8. Health benefits of tea

9. Heartburn

10. Heart health

11. Holiday stress

12. Hydration

13. Inflammation

14. Intermittent fasting

15. Leaky gut

16. Lifestyle & Metabolic Syndrome

17. Meal Planning

18. Meditation

19. Mediterranean diet

20. Migraines

21. Natural hair color

22. OMD diet

23. Optimism

24. Paleo diet

25. Processed food

26. Protein

27. Skincare

28. Sugar

29. Thriving

30. Turmeric

31. Vision boards

32. Vitamin K

33. Walking

34. Yoga

Most of the time I wrote about something that was happening in my life at the time. For example, I decided to let my hair go natural this year, my brother had a heart attack, and as a family we have dealt with loss, grief and pain (both physical and mental).

I used the tools that I have learned over time, such as daily meditation, journaling and walking, to work through any difficulties. Hopefully you found some of these useful as well.

It was also a year in which I held workshops on how to thrive as we age, instead of struggling. The 3-part series covered mental and physical well-being as well as habits, nutrition, and biomedical breakthroughs which support us and help maintain our vitality. I hope you were able to use some of these practices to survive the holidays!

And the most fun this year had to be the vision board workshops I held in November and December in which we considered what we want to “be, do, and have” in 2020. Setting your intentions with emotive words and images, can transform your life, when you act on it.

I do hope that you have found the last 52 weeks of updates informative, useful and easy to incorporate into your life. Which ones really resonated with you? What would you like to know more about? How can I best support you in your wellness in the next year?

Best to you in 2020!

Coach Michelle

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