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Game changers

So much to talk about this week but I will keep it brief because I know all of you will be watching the Chiefs v the 49ers this evening and snackin’ – no judgment.

Really want to bring your attention to February being Heart Health Month because as you know my brother had a heart attack this time last year and it was a scary time for everyone. Thankfully he has recovered, yet we all need to be mindful of taking care of our hearts with diet and exercise.

There are some pretty damning statistics on heart disease and stroke, which are actually increasing in 35(!) – 64 year olds. These are largely attributed to the increase in adult onset diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which are primarily caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Again, no judgment tonight, but let’s get crackin’ the rest of the month, okay? Let me know how I can help. Remember, I lead walks every month, sign up for one – its fun!

Speaking of lifestyle, exercise is only part of the equation. Another equally important aspect of health maintenance are the foods you eat. No, I am not going to tell you to eat whole, unprocessed food for the umpteenth time. I am going to ask you if you have ever kept a food journal. It is a great tool to help you identify what, how much and when you are eating, and it helps you effectively manage your intake. Well, have you?

If you are still in a quandary about what to eat, I recommend the Mediterranean diet, which relies on whole food, mostly vegetables, grains, healthy oils, seafood, and very little meat. It has been proven to be the most easily maintained way of eating around. Oh, and I have a whole week’s worth of recipes for you, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Just email me, subject Med diet and its yours! shopping list and menu too.

There are other things that feed you both mentally and spiritually, such as mindfulness and community. How are you filling up the tank? Feeling depleted? I invite you to join me this Saturday, February 8, for a Visionboard workshop that will include a quick meditation, journaling, and creating a powerful image of what you want to have, what you want to do, and who you want to be. So powerful.

If all of this isn’t enough, stay tuned for an upcoming CBD oil party TBD. It’s all good!

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