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Healthy, Sexy, and Strong

Don't we all want that? To feel healthy, sexy and strong? Doesn't it seem when you finally get your act together that is when things start to fall apart?

What I mean is that we spend our early twenties, thirties, and maybe even forties, people pleasing and feeling insecure. We are trying to figure out where we fit in, whether it is in the workplace, or in relationships with others, especially the men in our lives. And let's not forget mom and her expectations. When are you going to settle down? Why are you wearing that? Have you put on weight since I last saw you (yesterday)?

And now that we are settling into our careers, families, and feeling more confident in ourselves, we are suddenly afflicted by menopause and all of its attendant symptoms. We find ourselves suffering from brain farts (OMG -ALZ), feeling really tired, and looking - well - dumpy.

It's just not fair! Just when we are hitting our stride at work, leading projects that excite us and bring well-deserved recognition, we are also dealing with leakage. Yep, we have now traded the menstrual pads for diapers. Or at least it feels that way every time I sneeze.

Now that the kids are out of the house, and its just the two of you, all you really want is a good night's sleep. Sex is not on the radar at all.

And the overnight weight's a deal breaker.

So how can you turn this out- of- control bus around?

Well, there are many ways to do that, naturally, and I am sharing them on my fellow coach, Eva Rodriguez' The Healthy, Sexy, Strong podcast this Tuesday. Here is a preview of what we will talk about in this week's episode.

Don't forget to tune in on Tuesday, July 28 via your favorite platform:

I not only share with Eva health and wellness tips, but also a special offer on CBD oil exclusive to the listeners on the program.

Please tune in on Tuesday, and don't forget to share this with your friends on social media. Thank you!

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