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Spring Ahead!

Today we celebrate Easter and have been observing Passover for a few days now. But it is really different this year. My family will all be zooming with each other later today instead of sitting down to a family meal all together.

Maybe you will be doing something similar as a way to connect in real time with the people you love. Perhaps when Ramadan starts at the end of the month, we will still be in the clutches of the coronavirus. And, hopefully it will be easing up when the 30 days of fasting, praying and community comes to an end.

It is interesting to me that all of these religious celebrations are converging around the same time, and at least in the Northern Hemisphere, as we welcome Spring. Amidst all of the chaos, there is comfort in having faith at this difficult time.

Spring is always a time of renewal and rebirth, with new life and growth evident daily. A transformative time. Have you noticed that? And have you noticed that you actually had time to notice, because everything has slowed down?

I think this is an opening in which to slow yourself down and transform your own relationship with yourself, your family, and your environment. It is a great opportunity to journal daily, consider your life and future career goals, improve your skills, and communicate with much more intention and attention.

It is also a chance to take steps to improve your health and wellness. Now that you have more time you are able to work out, prepare meals from whole foods, meditate, try yoga or those new running shoes.

Or start a garden? Why not plant some herbs, some lettuce, tomatoes, kale and squash? They are all fairly easy to grow. What an accomplishment to serve food to your family that you grew!

I guess the point of all of this is that we can get caught up in all of the dire news on the TV, social media and the radio if we allow it. There is also an equal opportunity to expand beyond our regular patterns of behavior and thinking. We are the creators of our existence, our experience.

Let’s take full advantage of this opportunity to live as fully as we possibly can.

Coach Michelle

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