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Summer Time

Today is a monumental day! Father’s Day, First Day of Summer Solstice (some say it is June 20, but I prefer the 21st), and ….my birthday (now you see why I lean towards today).

So Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. I hope you are being spoiled today by those who love you.

We are now in the Summer Solstice, which can be observed anywhere from June 20 to June 22; as it changes periodically with the time zone, whether or not it’s a Leap Year, and the natural “wobble” of the Earth, and in its relation to other planets. Regardless, it is a day with the longest amount of sunlight with the sun setting at 8:32pm today.

Now about that birthday. As a kid, I was always extremely excited about my birthday because it was the longest day of the year, therefore the longest birthday (i.e. the best!). Now we all know that a day is 24 hours long - it was just that on June 21 it was light outside for the longest, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Any eight year old will tell you, it’s the longest birthday, oh yeah!

Sixty-one. Personally, I have never felt better. Sure, there are things that I would like – to be taller, for one, LOL. I feel very grounded and connected in my relationships and my social interactions, both on and offline. Did you know I share my birthday with two dear friends?

My health is good by all indications (blood pressure, cholesterol, heartrate, etc). Would I like to lose a few pounds? You betcha! Good news is I know how to do it. Safely and effectively, with a solid plan for success. Ah, the benefits of being a health coach. Let’s just say today is my birthday and I will be celebrating. Then, come Monday I will start my plan. And I will keep you posted on how it is going, OK?

Enough about me…what about you? Do you still get excited about your birthday? Do you feel fairly good about your age? Your health? Your appearance? Your state of mind? If there is one thing to improve what would that be?

Do you have a birthday coming up, or one that just passed? Is it your birthday today? How are you feeling about the latest milestone? Hopefully, despite all the chaos of the last several months you are doing okay. That is my wish for you.

I would also like to ask you for a present today (it is my birthday after all). In exchange for your valuable time, I will send you a FREE Anti-anxiety meal plan that supports you in stressful times. It includes a week of recipes featuring healthy whole foods, a shopping list and nutrition information.

I have been writing the Michelle's Musings blog every week now since November 2018. Although I do get some comments from time to time, letting me know the information I shared was valuable to you, I am never quite sure I am effectively communicating on the topics you are most interested in. I am curious as to what you would most like me to cover each week, what you would benefit the most from, and what you want to really know.

Would you be willing to take a short survey and give me some feedback? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance and have a great week.

And if you enjoy this blog, please feel free to share.

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