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To Infinity & Beyond

It’s Halloween eve, the end of the month, less than 20 days to my next niece’s wedding, 25 days until Thanksgiving, 56 to Christmas and only 62 until the end of the year.

And you may be wondering why I am sharing this with you. I am too. I guess it is because when we reflect on the passage of time it is very linear. How many days, weeks, hours, etc. Hey, if you are tracking minutes, you are going too deep, my friend.

That is how we measure our life. We are behaving from the past, and looking towards the future event, that we have neatly entered into our calendar. Only 30 days until…

That is why I am excited to share with you what happened in my daily meditation this morning. I was connecting with time in a different way. As I slowed my breath, I also slowed down everything around me and was more present to where I was in time and space. It was an exercise in being more expansive, more connected with the divine and considering all possibilities. Each breath brought me closer to being more in sync with the space within and without myself, thus causing more awareness of the vastness of infinity, again within and without. This fluidity between my physical self and the space around me caused me to be aware of more infinite possibilities and limitless beliefs that seemed more accessible in this place. Nice, right?

Each breath inward filled the spaces within, and each exhale opened the spaces within. I know it may sound too simplistic, trite even, but stay with me. This lack of awareness of where my body ended and the space around me began, caused much more clarity and presence than I have experienced so far in my practice. And I have been doing this since 2018. It was mind-blowing and I believe it led me to a highly productive day, for which I am grateful.

This awareness can then more easily be applied to thoughts and actions throughout the day, when a purposefully inserted space before a thought is fully formed or an action committed to, can make a huge difference in an outcome or just make an exchange more pleasant. How many times have we just reacted and lashed out, and later wished we could take those hurtful words back?

That is because most of the time we may be set in a mood, or have an expectation in a moment, and act on that. It is almost like being on “remote” where well-worn patterns take over and we are not really present in our own moment, our own hour, our own day, our own life.

So, today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, ask yourself how you can bring more space into your life. When you allow more space before saying something, doing something, you have the time to consider and the choice to make that may provide you with more possibilities than you imagined.

We are bound by time, by calendars, but our actions can be generated by the limitlessness we allow ourselves within. And that could create an entirely different outcome in the remaining days of 2022.

Best in health,

Coach Michelle

PS Sorry about last week's blog post, and yes, my website still isn't quite right, but I am hopeful it will be sorted soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at

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