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You are What You Eat

You know what I love about doing the seasonal whole food dietary resets for beginners each quarter? 

The opportunity to rid myself of carb and sugar cravings after only five days of eating whole foods?

Yes, of course!

The opportunity to eat more vegetables every day, on purpose, and feel more regular (if you know what I mean)?

Yes, of course!

Shed a few stubborn post-holiday pounds quickly?

Yes, of course!

Sleep more soundly?

You betcha!

All of these (and more) benefits are welcome, especially when we near the end of January. Most people are chastising themselves for having slipped up on the promises they made to themselves on January 1 to improve their health and wellbeing this year. 

Yes, by January 19, most people will have broken their commitment to eat better, exercise more and get enough sleep – it’s informally known as  Quitters Day

But I digress.  I know it’s hard to make changes.  That’s why I love these short-term resets.  It gives you the chance to make a change to your habits for only five days and see how that feels.  And you know what they say about how when you make one positive change, it gets easier to make another one…and another one.  And before you know it, you have accomplished your objective, whether it is to reduce your cholesterol, your waistline or the number of cookies you eat at night.

Another reason I like the dietary reset is the people who join the online community.  Everyone comes with their own intention for joining, and their own expectations.  More importantly, the members always have something supportive or helpful to contribute to the group.  Whether it is a tip on how to prep or cook something easier or substituting an ingredient, it is always welcome.  We learn from each other and the pictures we share in our private Facebook group.

In fact, one of our members just steered me to the Netflix series “You are What You Eat”.  Apparently, it is a documentary following sets of adult twins eating either an omnivore or vegan diet for a period of time and checking the outcomes for the two sides.   I will definitely check that out, if only because I believe the basic premise that the quality of the food you eat, whether plant-based or carnivorous, influences your overall health and wellness.

Where did this idiom come from, anyway?

This turn of phrase is attributed to Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a 19th century French writer, and can be found in his book, Physiologie du Gout ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, and is translated in English as “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”.  In other words, what you eat impacts you physically and mentally.

I know I feel better, look better, think better and sleep better when I am mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. 

So, what about you?  Where do you stand on this? Do you believe the premise of the saying or do you just think it is B.S.? 

Have you tried to eat differently in the past and felt it had a positive effect?  Have you experimented with a vegan, a vegetarian or even a pescatarian diet?  What worked for you? What didn’t?

Or, have you continued to eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) and are curious about making a change.  If so, get on my Waitlist for the next Five- Day Whole Food Reset, slated for April.

And don’t forget, I will be at the Deborah Heart and Lung Women’s Health Expo this Saturday, February 3, from 10am -2pm. Drop by and say Hi, enter a drawing to win a Free Reset, and ask me questions.  It would be great to meet up with you!

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