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OMG - OMD is here!

I always like to share the latest in health and nutrition with you each week, so I keep my eye out for new things and just found out about OMD.

What is OMD? It stands for one meal a day – but wait, it is not literal (thank goodness). Simply put, OMD means making one meal a day plant-based. That is primarily vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes, grains, oils and plant-based proteins like tofu or tempeh.

It is an effort by Suzi Amos Cameron (wife of director James Cameron), who whole-heartedly believes in eating plant based diets, not just for our health, but also for the planet. Of course, this was introduced by none other than Oprah herself, at Super Soul Sunday, on October 13.

Cameron is not only totally plant-based, but she and her sister have started a school called “Muse” that is 100% solar powered, with zero waste and organic plant-based meals for all the students. She is really committed to doing what she can for her family's health and the health of the planet.

This all started with her reading “Forks over Knives” and then watching the documentary with her husband. If you haven’t seen it or read the book, I strongly recommend it.

Both were so moved by the movie they switched to plant-based eating right away and love the way it makes them feel, and how they are doing their part for the environment. Eating this way takes less water and is more sustainable and environmentally sound.

Recently I shifted my diet over to eating one plant-based meal a day, three times per week so I am half-way to the OMD plan, without knowing it. I did it primarily to maintain my weight, feel good and be more sustainable too. I like this way of eating and find it easy to manage, and I think OMD could be a simple yet powerful way for people to change some of their eating habits for the better.

As a wellness coach, I like to share different diets when I educate people on health and wellness, whether one- on- one or in a group presentation, and plant-based eating is something I encourage. A Mediterranean Diet is one such diet that relies heavily on plant-based eating and it is the best by far to sustain. I also encourage folks to make incremental changes over time for sustainable results.

OMD (one plant-based meal per day) is a small change that can make a big difference over time, for your health and the environment. I am glad I stumbled upon this and I hope you give it a try.

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