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A Change Will Do You Good

Remember that song by Cheryl Crowe, back in the nineties? About change, recognizing a need to do something different, shake off the cobwebs, dust, and get moving in a new direction?

Well, I have been feeling that for some time and wonder if you feel the same?

So last week I took a somewhat spontaneous trip to Spain to meet with some members of my family for a 60th birthday celebration. My apologies for not getting my usual Musings out last Sunday, but internet access was spotty and I haven't missed a week since I started in November 2017.

It was somewhat of a pilgrimage for me as well. I was connecting with my father’s other children, two of my five siblings and nephew on that side, for the first time. We have been speaking, texting, and zooming for a while beforehand and I was touched to be asked to the party. Better late than never, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”.

But I am not going to lie – I had some real trepidation, prior to meeting with them. Would they like me? Would we have enough to talk about after all the niceties are out of the way? Will we “click” or will it be just plain awkward? I needn’t have worried. We all easily connected with each other, and some of our mannerisms were the same. Nature vs. nurture was on full display. It was a lovely time and I felt like my life had been enriched by the experience. I am glad I took the risk.

Feeling a little bit stale? Like it’s the same old, same old? Hankering for a new adventure? Well, good for you, you still have some life in you and are curious about the world.

And that is a good thing, my friend.

As we get older, we get more cautious, and more fretful about the nature of the world. It almost seems frightening to venture out, especially after the last several years we have had. Do you feel that way right now?

Many of us are also at the end of our careers and thinking of retirement. And it is making us feel downright anxious.

An office mate of mine recently informed me she had settled on August 1 as the new day of her new life as a retiree. Yes, I felt a little “jelly”, but I am so happy for her and her courage to make that leap into the unknown.

There are so many things to consider as we move toward a change in our lives. Where we want to move to, or maybe just downsize a bit. We may be thinking of trips we would like to take when we retire and have the time. We may think of people we would like to visit that we haven’t seen in a while or, conversely, just get away from the folks we see every day, LOL.

We may feel this stirring to take that trip, envision that retirement deadline, get active in a cause you believe in, or make some more serious changes in our lives. And it seems risky, scary and daunting.

It may be leaving an unfulfilling or abusive relationship, learning to say “no” to toxic members of our immediate circle or taking action on some health issues we may have been avoiding. It may be going back to school to learn something new or finish a degree.

I encourage you to be brave and take a risk. Even if it is just a day trip or long weekend. Taking just one class. Trying a new ‘do. Volunteering. It will energize you, I promise.

Finally getting a handle on your weight gain by changing how and when you are eating. Setting up a new workout routine that energizes you and helps you sleep better at night. And speaking of sleep, getting enough sleep so that you are waking up feeling refreshed and able to move through your day, without feeling like taking a nap in the afternoon. Working with a health coach to get these habits formed and easy to maintain for the long term. And did you know you can use your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to pay for it? Connect with me to find out how.

Getting out of the rut of a daily routine is just the shot you need to make other changes that will further enhance your life, create new relationships, look at the world from a new perspective, feel more alive, and just feel better. Doesn't that sound great?

Reach out when you are ready or get on my waitlist now for my next Mindful Cleanse. Yes, a change will do you good.

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