Six Wellness Trends to Follow

I am fascinated by wellness, of the body, mind, and spiritually, so I was happy to recently see some new data on the future of wellness and what we can expect by 2030.

I have been involved in overall wellness since I first dipped my big toe into energy work back in 1999. Reiki was my gateway, and I am grateful for my attunements in this relaxing energy practice which helps to promote healing. Who knew from there my interest in wellbeing would continue, and include massage, nutrition and mindfulness education as I ventured on my own wellness journey.

We have come a long way in the last 22 years from when I first delved in, with health and wellness shows, apps, coaches and tools for everyone, of every age.

The top areas most people are interested in and will continue to be through 2030 are (in no particular order):

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition

  • Appearance

  • Sleep

  • Mindfulness

I think we can all agree that our overall health and wellness is top of the mind, especially as we still grapple with the pandemic. This has increased our concern over how healthy our immune system is, how our health affects others and the impact of social isolation on both our physical and mental well-being. I think we are all very “dialed in” and pay attention more to our overall wellness right now and this is expected to continue.

As for fitness, the pandemic changed the way we worked out. Many of us went to the gym, met and worked out in groups, and suddenly we were all online or outdoors (whether permitting). This is most likely going to continue and has given us new ways to maintain our fitness, through apps on our watches and phones, telling us how many steps we took or nudged us to get up and move. Trackers, and motivation apps are expected to become more refined and plentiful as we move through the decade. And the Peloton bike and Mirror have made huge inroads in our home workout routines, offering us a higher level of interaction and engagement, as well as more competitors in the in-door cycling arena. Expect more personalized at home fitness to increase.