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Summer Love

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there. I hope you have been spoiled today by those who love you. And for those of you who no longer have a dad or husband around today, I hope you have plenty of good memories to give you comfort.

This week we are also entering the Summer Solstice, which is observed anywhere from June 20 to June 22, in the Northern Hemisphere, and is celebrated in December in the Southern Hemisphere. The date changes periodically with the time zone, whether it’s a Leap Year, the natural “wobble” of the Earth, and in its relation to other planets.

Regardless, it is a day with the longest amount of sunlight.

As a kid I just loved that my birthday fell on June 21. It was generally accepted that my day of celebration lasted longer than any of my siblings.

As I reflect on the upcoming birthday, I check in with myself regarding my overall health. It is good by all indications (blood pressure, cholesterol, heartrate, and blood sugar).

if you haven’t already. schedule your mammogram and GYN annual, which I know many of you ignore for years at a time, so I encourage you to make that appointment. And get the Dexa-scan to check your bone density. As we age, osteopenia and osteoporosis develop, especially if we are not doing any type of weight-bearing exercise.

I exercise regularly and meditate daily. And I have just incorporated Pilates into the mix of strength training and walking, as it is a quick and easy way to maintain core strength. These are all habits I have reinforced over the years that they are like brushing my teeth. I don’t even think about.

What I do think about is staying healthy as I get older. Why?

We women are going to live for a long time. Our average life expectancy is 87.9 years, meaning many of us are going to live longer. So, the big question is not whether you want to live longer – you will. It is how well do you want to live? What will be the quality of your life as you age? Are you taking steps now that will help maintain your health and wellbeing well into your 80’s and 90’s?

Better yet, if you can coordinate these efforts with your partner, so that you both stay as healthy and fit as you can, together.

Did you know that the most important aspects of your health are the food you eat, the activities you pursue (not just physical), and your outlook? And these are all related. We know that nutritious whole food maintains our bodies properly, replenishing our cells, and maintaining our homeostasis.

Pursuits that we enjoy, whether it is a walk or a jigsaw puzzle, engage and relax us. How we choose to perceive our world, through a glass half-full or half-empty perspective, can make all the difference in our level of anxiety, fear, and dread when facing the unknown.

This year is especially significant as I have my 64th birthday coming up and I have just retired from full-time employment. Do you have a birthday coming up, or one that just passed? Is it your birthday today? Are you thinking about retirement or already in it? How are you feeling about the latest milestone?

If there is one thing to improve this year - what would that be? What do you need support with? Let me know by DM’ing me @teeminghealth.

Lastly, I have been writing the Michelle's Musings blog every week now since November 2017. I appreciate those of you that comment on the topics that resonate with you or information that you learned that you find valuable. It is always nice to hear from you.

I am also curious as to what you would most like me to cover each week, what you would benefit the most from, and what you want to really know, going forward. I love researching and writing about wellness.

  • The last few years I have been taking a survey of your health and wellness interests to better serve you. Would you be willing to take a short survey and give me some feedback? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance and have a great week.

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