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Get Glowing!

Your largest organ is your skin and healthy skin reflects what is going on inside your body.

When you are not feeling 100%, your skin can look dry or blemished or haggard. Most of the time, we reach for a cosmetic or concealer when we have a breakout or just want to look less wiped out.

Nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a skincare line sourced from organic botanicals, soothing oils and other natural, non-toxic ingredients, I highly recommend AnnMarie Organic Skincare. They have a great introductory offer.

But you know without me telling you, what I am going to say next. Radiant skin is an inside job.

When you feed your body the proper nutrients it needs, it will be less likely that your skin will look bad. So let's look at the five ways we can improve our skin from the inside out and some things to avoid to keep our glow!

Skin Food #1 - Water

No doubt hydration is key for healthy-looking skin! Water and other hydrating fluids are great to help your skin stay moist and supple. And for a bit of an extra anti-inflammatory hydrating boost, try boosting your water with anti-inflammatory green tea (sugar-free if possible).

Skin Food #2 - Fish

Fish contains many nutrients important for skin health - omega-3s, and vitamins A and D to name a few. Omega-3s help cool inflammation and keep rosacea at bay. Vitamin A can help with blemishes and dryness, while vitamin D helps with skin tone.

Skin Food #3 - Bell peppers, citrus, and broccoli

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body and helps our skin stay firm and supple. That's why collagen facials are offered - because they really do help.

And so does Vitamin C, which is necessary for your body to make collagen. So foods rich in vitamin C are great for your skin. Cue: bell peppers, citrus, and broccoli.

Did you know that overcooking vitamin C-rich foods can destroy some of the skin-supporting vitamins? Try having these lightly steamed or raw for maximum vitamin C levels.

Skin Food #4 - Bone broth

Homemade bone broth contains a lot of the amino acid glycine. Glycine is another essential component of the skin protein collagen. Glycine helps speed the healing of the skin and the gut. Win-win.

Skin “Food” #5 - Sleep more & stress less

I know these aren’t exactly foods, but they’re an important part of naturally great skin. When we don’t sleep enough, or stress too much our body flips on systems that affect our whole body… including our skin.

Stress hormones can increase inflammation and lead to not-so-healthy looking skin. Prioritize sleep and stress management, to reduce internal and external inflammation.

Watch out for these foods!

It's hard to come up with one list of inflammatory or allergenic foods for everyone but there are a few common allergens that may be a good bet to eliminate from your diet, such as:

#1 Processed foods. These are pretty much not-so-good for everyone. And they can affect your health in so many ways, including how your skin looks & feels. Try ditching pre-packaged and fast foods in favor of whole foods as much as possible. Not just for your skin, for your whole body.

#2 Gluten. While only a small number of people have serious reactions to gluten (i.e., celiac disease), many more people are intolerant to it. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and a few other grains. Many people have had several health concerns, including skin issues, clear up after eliminating gluten from their diets.

#3 Dairy. It could be a hormonal response or even an insulin response. We don't quite know why, but many people who cut out dairy report better skin.

Here's a healthy recipe for you that is sure to get you glowing.

Recipe:Salmon Salad

Serves 2

4 cups baby spinach (or mixed greens)

1 bell pepper, chopped

1 cup cherry tomatoes

½ large cucumber, chopped

8 oz smoked salmon, or 1 can salmon, roughly chopped

Drizzle of your favorite (gluten-free, dairy-free) dressing; one of my favorites is EVOO and lemon juice, seasoned with some salt & pepper to taste


Place 2 cups of greens into each of 2 bowls.

Top with veggies and salmon.

Drizzle with dressing.

And if you need a little extra help, check out my special offer of AnnMarie Organic Skincare. You glow

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