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Time to Eat!

Doordash, Grubhub and Ubereats. Cooking at home, baking at home and preserving. All of these have gotten a push during the pandemic as we hunkered down at home the past 18 months and had to suddenly contend with a different way of life.

Which spurred a real interest in home cooking and baking from scratch for some. Many of us got out the Instantpot out the the box finally and figured out how this timesaver worked. Yes, I know you have to read the directions. Or just youtube it.

Others opted to get fast-food or restaurant meals delivered to their homes. Then we got tired of eating and cooking. That is, eating the same takeout and cooking the same recipes.

And the good news is many of us tried meal kits for the first time. This is something that I often point some of my more cooking -challenged clients to try. It makes it easier to eat a healthy, portion-controlled meal regularly. And that is a step toward being more healthy overall. What has also evolved from this extended quarantine is healthier meal kits, particularly plant-based ones.

Now that we are starting to return to work and other activities more regularly, we have even less time to prepare healthy meals, so I thought it would be a good idea to investigate quick and easy options. We are going to explore a few new delivery options and meal kits to try. Are you ready?

First, we have new outlets that feature pick up and delivery of just salad. In fact, it is called Just Salad! The menu is extensive and features vegan, keto, paleo and climatarian options. Not only that but you can also order soups, plant-based smoothies and avocado toast. Right now the only local Just Salad is in Philadelphia – Center City and University City, so check these out when you are in the neighborhood. If you live in the ‘hood, they also provide meal kits, grocery and prepared food delivery easily ordered online.

Speaking of meal kits that is where some real change has occurred, as people wearied of cooking. I have had the Homechef, Sunbasket, Freshly and Blue Apron deliveries myself where all the ingredients, including spices are delivered to your home weekly. No more meal-planning, and such a time saver.

Now, the meal kits that are peaking everyone’s interest are what is called “half-scratch”, which are meals that are somewhat prepped, meaning you can get a meal on the table that much quicker. Down to Cook is a provider of plant-based half-scratch meal delivery with a twist. The company ships you boxes of protein crumbles that you mix with a vegetable of your choice to make patties or meat(less) balls, in a variety of flavors. The premise is that they send you the protein and you add the vegetables, insuring you eat more plant-based meals per week, which is not a bad idea. Adda Veggie plant-based meat alternative can be found in the Bay area food outlets and online at Amazon and I am ordering some tonight. I will let you know what I think.

Kevin’s natural foods is another contender in the half-scratch mealkit arena, providing healthy meals that are prepared sous vide and sealed in vacuum bags. All you need to do is heat up and add some sides. The choices range from Korean BBQ to chicken marsala, and the ingredients are healthier choices. For example, instead of using soy sauce they substitute coconut aminos for less sodium. You can also order sauces and spices separately. These products can be found in Whole Foods around New York City, however you can also order online from Amazon, Target and Thrive Markets.

SunBasket, one of the stellar meal delivery services, is offering prepped meals that can be ready in less than ten minutes. Lucky for us SunBasket is located in Westampton, NJ so your “heat and eat “ meals are locally sourced and delivered.

If you feel you are in a rut of making the same meals week after week, or supplement too many dinners with delivered foods, you may want to try one of these alternatives. And please let me know what you think or if you have another option you want to share.

While you are waiting for your delivery, would you like some healthy recipes right now that are easy to make? Contact me – subject header: E-Z

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