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Today there is a chill in the air that wasn’t there yesterday, and it reminded me of past autumn days, with the crunch of leaves underfoot, the return of early darkness and the shift in tenor as the season changed.

We welcome Fall, yet it somehow makes us feel sad, doesn’t it? It is the beginning of the end of the year and somehow it makes us reflect not on all we have accomplished, but all we have yet to do.

Don’t despair, this isn’t a reflection on our inaction, but rather a call to action. To think about what you would truly like to do, and then to Just Do It – yes, just like the ad. But just one thing, not a boatload of “shoulda-coulda-woulda”s – that is exhausting.

Just select one thing you truly want to accomplish by year end. Is it clearing out the pantry and fridge, `a la Marie Kondo? Or is it changing your dietary habits to include more plant-based dinners for you and your family? Is it committing to finally losing that 10-15 lbs. that is still hanging on since… (really, I don’t care from when, and neither should you). Is it about reducing your stress levels or anxiety? If any of this resonates, good.

And I want you to know I have your back. So here are some tips and tools that will help you move toward your ONE goal.

I have a FREE Pantry Clean-Out guide for anyone who wants it. This will help you clear the clutter and bad food choices once and for all. Just email me at with subject: PANTRY .

Want to try a meal plan that is vegan-based with easy to make, delicious recipes to try? Again, shoot me an email at with the subject: VEGAN

Want $100. off my 21-day jumpstart to good health? 3 weeks of mindset, nutrition and movement. Sign up here and enter the code: GRIT100 at checkout to take $100. off the regular $197. fee.

And, finally register for this FREE Meditation Workshop by The Mindful Movement this Thursday night from 6-8pm. I really like the guided meditations and am looking forward to this myself.

I hope all of this helps you start easing into Fall and enjoying this change of season, instead of stressing over all of the things undone.

Best in health,

Coach Michelle

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