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Beach Body

Today I spent some time at one of my favorite places – the Jersey shore! I love walking in the sand, whether it is climbing up or down the dunes to get onto the beach, or walking in the surf and wet sand, it all feeds good. I like to feel how it stresses my feet, calves and thighs as the unevenness below tests my balance.

Another thing I like is jumping in the water and getting out on a sandbar to ride waves back towards the beach. It is invigorating, especially if the water is chilly, and again I am challenged by the power of the surf and the unevenness of the surface below.

And there are many times I will play Frisbee on the beach as well. I love being in motion and challenging myself to be more active, instead of just sitting on the beach. Which is fine for part of the day, just not all of it.

I am grateful to my body that is strong and agile enough to enjoy these activities. And I see no reason why I can’t keep doing this for another 20 years.

And that is because I am committed to staying fit – for life.

I know it is important to stay physically fit, especially as we get older. Did I share with you that I also spent time at the shore with my mom and aunt today, both in their 80s and very unsteady on their feet? That is not the outcome I want when I am their age. In fact, it downright scares me. Instead, I want to maintain my mobility and stay strong. And I know I can.

So I walk most days, right after work, and some of these walks include sprints or a light jog, to mix things up and get the heart rate elevated. And I have a weight-training regimen with free weights that takes me all of 15 minutes to do, three days per week. I have recently added pickleball to the regimen, too.

All of this keeps me a) challenged physically and b) keeps me from getting bored with my routine. So that I keep it up. And that consistency of effort is the key.

I share the value of maintaining balance, flexibility, strength, and stamina with the people I coach, so that they too can stay fit well into their senior years. It helps us maintain muscle mass, reduce sarcopenia (bone loss), reduce the risk of breaks from falling and helps us stay mobile, and grow old at home. And of course, I give them the tools to develop their own individualized plan to stay fit and strong.

If you have been following this blog for the last several weeks, you are probably getting a sense of the nature of my coaching, due to the topics I cover. It could be about eating whole foods to fuel your body optimally, or developing an awareness of how your body feels when it is anxious vs. relaxed, and how to best manage your emotions (especially in times of stress).

I also like to make you aware of self-care and making sure you are treating yourself (inside and out) with the care and compassion you need and deserve. And of course, movement and activity to keep your body and mind flexible and strong.

All of this is because I believe the key to our health and longevity is to take a holistic approach to ourselves and our self-care. We can’t workout yet eat crap food and expect to feel and look good. We can’t expect that we will have balance and flexibility if we are couch potatoes. And we certainly can’t expect to meet the challenges of getting older, if we haven’t developed our inner calm and resilience beforehand.

I say this to all of you as a results-driven, highly sensitive coach who believes all of these elements have to come together in a comprehensive package that is as individual as you are to make any sense.

And I want to help you get there. Especially as we enter September soon, which is Healthy Aging Month.

And I am inviting you to start your health journey on September 12 with the Mindful Cleanse. This is a five-day detox to rid yourself of overly processed foods by crowding them out with whole foods that truly nourish your body.

I believe that detox is a necessary first step towards optimal health and well-being. I would love to share this process with you, especially if you have never tried it, so get on my waitlist now. The doors will open soon! And it will be for a limited number because I want to be able to spend quality time with each of you on your journey. Sign up here. And have a beachy week!


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