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As I prepare to give a workshop on mindful eating this week, replete with DIY Buddha Bowls, I did a little research into new wellness trends for 2023. And there are plenty to choose from, take your pick.

Let’s start with full-day spa treatments! Have I got your attention? I thought so. More and more (younger) people are not just getting a massage, but also adding on facials and waxing to have a complete self-care experience. I think this trend has been gaining ground right along with the OTT wedding experiences, including girlfriends’ getaways, showers and destination weddings. Me, I am all in.

Another trend I can definitely get behind is the “back to basics” fitness movement. This is where you learn how to do your squats, deadlifts, and strength training with proper form. This way you don’t get hurt, and you continue to exercise injury-free to stay fit for a lifetime.

Exercise recovery, movement snacks, and micro workouts are all part of the fitness trends to include exercise where and when you can, and also be mindful of recovery as a necessary part of staying fit. Exercise recovery can be in the form of air compression boots, massage therapy guns and cryotherapy chambers.

Hot and cold therapies are definitely in this winter, helping us with our achy muscles and tight shoulders. You don’t need to go to a sauna anymore to benefit because now you can get your own personal infrared sauna blanket or you can go in the opposite direction and try a chilling ice bath, or do both, one after the other to stimulate your muscles, reduce inflammation or ward off depression. These are all the touted benefits. Now if either seem a bit challenging or costly, you could just take a hot steamy shower or bath, infused with essential oils. That sounds nice.

Sleep hygiene is another area for improvement and there are so many items on the market to help you sleep better, how could you not get enough winks? There are sleep gummies, sleep-promoting teas, special pillows, weighted blankets, light therapy in your alarm clock, and wearable devices to monitor our sleep. Not to mention, tried and true items that work such as lavender oil, melatonin, a cool, dark room and clean sheets. Is sleep tourism really a thing?

Mental health continues to be big as we recognize that “mental health is wealth” and remove the stigma from getting the help we may need at any point in our lives. Studies have repeatedly shown that mental wellbeing impacts our physical health and our recovery from illness. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a proponent of “gut health” as a determinant of and supporter of mental health.

Have you heard of yaupon tea? It is a plant-based alternative to coffee, not unlike MUD\WTR or Four Sigmatic mushroom blend coffees. Mushrooms themselves are being sought out for wellness in 2023, as they have antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds that enhance memory, sleep and immunity. Not bad. If you are feeling you need to cut down on caffeine, this may be a sensible choice for you.

Another trend for your health in 2023 is becoming “sober curious”, that is reducing or replacing your alcoholic beverages with mocktails. Or you can try adaptogenic drinks that use different herbs and plants to help relax and boost your mood, without the hangover.

Looks like Dry January is here to stay.

Some of the more light-hearted ways to stay well this year include the:

  • AARP special – eating earlier in the day, like septuagenarians, so that you can sleep better

  • Mouth taping – not kidding. Taping your mouth shut at night to force you to breathe out of your nose. This humidifies your nasal passages and although maybe not for everyone, it may provide health benefits. I would recommend checking with your doctor though first.

  • Sleep syncing – this involves sleeping according to your individual circadian rhythm, and adjusting to nature (sunrise, sunset) and decreases feelings of stress and anxiety attributed to poor sleep patterns. I used to be someone who needed two alarm clocks to get up. Now I can fall asleep easily and wake up naturally at the same times every day, without any alarms. I think there is some validity here with the notion of getting into good sleep habits.

As you can see, there are many hacks you can use to increase your overall health and wellbeing. Pick one and just get started.


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